Yoga Apparel Trends for 2023: What’s in and What’s out

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Wearing yoga apparel is evergreen because yoga cannot go extinct. So, its apparel too is here to stay. Indeed, the fashion of yoga apparel is timeless, like the practice. Yoga lovers wear Yoga Apparels outfits to make the yoga process memorable. Yet, year in and year out, it recorded new trends while other old directions were being given a break.

For 2023, the trend cycle has been interesting and will excite you to learn about it. Join us as we unveil what’s hot and not for 2023. Let’s dive in and explore the fashion-forward journey of yoga apparel. So, grab your popcorn and learn about Yoga Apparel trends 2023: What’s in and out? Happy reading!

Overview of 2023 Yoga Apparel Trends

2023 is the year when yoga apparel is all about feeling good and looking fabulous. Forget about the old days when clothing items had to fit a specific culture or tradition. In 2023, it’s all about comfort, self-expression, and embracing your unique style.

Yoga lovers are ditching outdated trends and focusing on what matters. This includes feeling comfortable and free in their clothes while practicing yoga moves.

These clothes are outfits that allow them to move without restrictions or discomfort. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between comfort and style. Let us explore these new trends below.

Yoga Apparel Trends: What’s In

As we have pointed out earlier, there is a switch in the trends of yoga outfits. Unlike before, these trends are now centered around luxury and fit. Here are some of the yoga apparel trends for 2023 that prove this.

Sustainable Materials and Ethical Production

2023 is the year that comes with a lot of climate awareness and industrial acts. This helps the climate and environment achieve a balance. Brands are stepping up and using materials in their yoga apparel. Examples of these outfits include cotton wear, polyester leggings, and Bamboo Yoga Tops.

Organic Cotton Activewear is yoga apparel produced from organic cotton grown. You can get Recycled Polyester Leggings from recycled polyester and Bamboo Yoga Tops from Bamboo. Because of this, brands now use them more. The production process of these materials does not involve harmful pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

Thanks to all the awareness made around climate awareness, more people are looking for eco-friendly yoga apparel. They want to wear clothes that are good for the environment and good for them. So, it’s no wonder that the demand for these sustainable materials is skyrocketing.

Bold Prints and Patterns

Gone are the days when bold prints are patterns, as yoga apparel almost seems taboo. Old trends classify this as a feminine feature, causing a limiting use of this trend. But it is 2023, and this trend is fast becoming the order of the day. Vibrant and eye-catching prints and patterns are making a statement in yoga studios.

Some examples of the new yoga trend in 2023 include Geometric Prints, Floral Prints, Tie-Dye, Animal Prints, and Abstract Prints. These prints and patterns are eye-catching designs that can have geometric shapes like triangles, diamonds, or chevron patterns.

Floral prints are for those who love nature and want to bring color into their practice. You’ll find vibrant flowers on leggings, pants, and tops in big or small sizes. Animal prints are fierce and fabulous. Leopard, zebra, and snake patterns make a statement in yoga. They’re perfect for those wanting to unleash their wild side during practice.

Tie-dye is a retro-inspired pattern with vibrant colors and swirling designs. They give your yoga outfit a unique and artsy look. Bold prints and patterns make your yoga apparel more fun and exciting. They bring a touch of personality to your practice and make you stand out. It’s all about being functional, fashionable, and balancing both.

Versatility and Multi-functional Pieces

Yoga apparel is all about versatility, and now we’re seeing multi-purpose pieces taking over. Brands now create clothes you can rock on the yoga mat and in everyday life.

They’re blurring the lines between athletic and casual fashion, making yoga clothes stylish. The best part? You don’t have to be a yoga expert to wear these clothes. They’re so versatile that anyone can rock them, whether they do yoga or not. That’s the beauty of their functionality and style!

Examples are Yoga Leggings as Streetwear and Yoga Jackets as Layering Pieces. You’ll see people sporting yoga apparel everywhere because it’s become a fashion statement. These clothes transition from a sweaty yoga session to a casual hangout or even a night out. It’s like having a wardrobe that’s ready for anything!

It’s not about doing yoga anymore; it’s about looking fabulous and feeling comfortable no matter where life takes you. Yoga clothes have become the go-to choice for blending comfort, style, and functionality in one fabulous package.

Inclusive Sizing and Body Positivity

Getting yoga apparel in various sizes used to be difficult. If your body size differed from the standard, you had to go through the hassle of placing custom orders or designing your clothes. But guess what? In 2023, things have changed for the better!

The yoga apparel scene is now all about inclusivity. Brands have realized the importance of catering to various body types. They’re expanding their size ranges, making sure that everyone can find the perfect fit. It’s a celebration of diversity and body positivity!

No more feeling left out or struggling to find clothes that make you feel confident on the mat. They offer sizes that embrace different shapes and sizes so that you can rock your yoga practice with style and self-assurance. Each piece of yoga apparel tells a unique story.

So, whether you’re curvy, petite, or fall somewhere between, yoga trends of 2023 have now made it possible to get your size, regardless.

Breathable Fabrics

In 2023, a prominent trend in yoga apparel is the emphasis on breathable fabrics. As the yoga community prioritizes comfort and performance, choosing fabric is crucial to designing the perfect yoga outfit. Breathability is essential during a yoga session.

These fabrics help to keep the body cool and dry by wicking away sweat and enhancing comfort during practice. In 2023, yogis are embracing the trend of breathable fabrics with open arms. These fabrics are like a breath of fresh air! They keep you cool and comfortable during your yoga sessions, allowing you to focus on your flow without distractions.

Some examples of these materials include Lightweight Sports Bras, Breathable Leggings, Mesh-Paneled Tops, Bamboo Yoga Tanks, Open-Back Yoga Shirts, and Flowy Yoga Shorts. The materials usually used to make them include nylon-spandex blends or polyester blends, bamboo, cotton, and linen.

They are lightweight and stretchy fabrics. They’re perfect for yoga! You can bend, twist, and flow without any restrictions. These fabrics move with you, allowing you to do your thing and reach those challenging poses.

Yoga Apparel Trends: What’s Out

Baggy, oversized, and Ill-fitting Clothes

In the past, loose and baggy yoga pants and tops were a thing, but now in 2023, things have changed. The new trend is all about form-fitting and sleek styles. Nowadays, yogis want clothes that hug their bodies and move with them. It’s all about finding that perfect balance between support, coverage, and freedom of movement.

Synthetic and Non-breathable Fabrics

Traditional synthetic materials, like polyester and nylon, which are not breathable and don’t wick away moisture, have become outdated in yoga apparel. These fabrics trap sweat and heat, making the practice uncomfortable and hindering breathability.

Yogis look for breathable materials such as cotton blends or technical moisture-wicking fabrics that promote airflow and help keep the body relaxed during practice.

Limited Color Palette

Limited color options used to be the order of the day a few years ago. In the past, yoga apparel was often limited to primary colors like black, gray, and white. Nowadays, yogis embrace various colors and patterns, expressing their individuality and adding vibrancy to their practice.

Excessive branding

Before 2023, yoga clothes were all about showing off big logos and brand names. But things have changed now. The new trend is all about keeping it simple and minimalistic. Yogis love the understated and subtle designs. No need for flashy branding anymore.

It’s all about embracing the calm and letting your practice speak for itself. Now brands, ditch the logos and go for those elegant pieces that make you feel at peace on and off the mat.

Low-rise pants

Low-rise yoga pants were once popular, but high-rise styles have taken over. High-waisted yoga pants offer better coverage and support, allowing practitioners to move without worrying about their pants sliding down during poses.

Non-functional fabrics

Synthetic fabrics that don’t provide breathability or moisture-wicking properties. But they are no longer in vogue. Cotton-based fabrics or specialized materials like moisture-wicking blends are now preferred. They keep you comfortable and dry during your practice.


As you navigate the world of yoga apparel in 2023, consider the trends that are in, the styles that are out, and the factors that align with your values and preferences. At Wahyu Garment, we provide you with high-quality, fashionable, and sustainable yoga apparel that reflects the latest trends while supporting your practice. Explore our collection at Wahyu Garment and discover the perfect attire to elevate your yoga journey.


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